Happy National Telephone Day!!

National Telephone Day is today…April 25th. 

In celebration of today, here are 3 things to consider…

Spruce up those phone system greetings

When was the last time you tidied up your phone system’s recorded greetings otherwise known as IVR, interactive voice response? Make sure that you have clear, concise recordings that properly convey your message.

More importantly, have this process documented so you can easily update those messages in the future. Remember…the telephone is one of many ways that customers will reach out to your business, so be sure to keep amazing customer service in mind as you maintain your phone system.  

Manage your mobile phones more easily

Management of mobile phones can be an interesting chore for a business. There are many ways to tackle this…
  • Company-owned/managed
  • BYOD (bring your own device)
  • COPE (corporate-owned, personally enabled) or Direct-To-Carrier Stipends
Each style has their pros and cons of course. Usually it depends on…
  • Team Size
  • Accounting Preferences
  • Smartphone App Usage
As your team grows, accounting processes evolve, and there’s more reliance on smartphone apps, mobile device management needs increase.

Consider the tech support involved in rolling out new phones to a growing team, streamlining the accounting/reimbursement for each cellular plan, and managing updates to your smartphone app technology stack. That’s where a management plan is crucial to scale this for your business.  

There are a number of mobile device management tools available to help make this process easier. For instance, SimpleMDM is one tool I’ve used in the past for great Apple-centric mobile management.

Get nostalgic about telephony history

Interested in seeing telephony history first hand? Check out the Delaware Telephone Museum that my father curated. It’s located on the grounds of the Marvel Museum in Georgetown, DE. There are only a handful of these telephony museums across the US, so I’m thankful there’s one right in my local area.

There’s plenty of pictures and stories of the Diamond State Telephone Company, which encompassed Delaware and the Eastern Shore of Maryland & Virginia as well.

Founded by Jim Bowden a 45-year telephony veteran (Diamond State Telephone through its transition to Verizon). This display currently includes about 90% from his personal collection.