Services we offer to achieve your IT success

The SMB/SME business owner typically asks...

  • What are my risks (with my information technology) ?
  • Where am I at right now (with my IT infrastructure) ?
  • How can my life be made easier (through business-enhancing IT solutions) ?
  • How can I save money (through controlled costs and improved technology ROI) ?
Learn more about our Network & Security Audits, Technology Assessment & Documentation, and IT Infrastructure Design, Implementation, and Integration services below that address these exact questions. 

Network & Security Audits

Network & Security assessments of your IT infrastructure to identify risks to your business.

Deliverables include:

  • Network Assessment Risk Report
  • Security Assessment Risk Report
  • Follow-up Report(s) Discussion

$499 per engagement

Why should you take advantage of network and security audits?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. We can easily scan your network(s) using our non-intrusive tool to provide an assessment of your network assets and determine an action plan for better management and overall security improvements.

Technology Assessments & Documentation

Documentation of your IT Infrastructure to set a current state baseline and understand what you have in place.

Deliverables include:

  • Network & Security Risk Reports
  • IT SWOT Analysis Report
  • Additional Supporting Documentation
  • IT Infrastructure Runbook
  • Follow-up Report(s) Discussion

Starting at $999+ depending on size of company, number of locations, etc.

Why engage us for a technology assessment and documentation of your IT Infrastructure?

Designing an appropriate technology roadmap for your company is the goal. The first step is to understand (and document) what you currently have in place. By taking a snapshot of where you are now, we can identify shortcomings and then can craft an improvement plan. Our SOC 2-compliant documentation tool will speed up the assessment process and provide you with a Runbook of your technology footprint.

IT Infrastructure Design, Implementation, Integration

Advisory, consulting, and implementation for facilities, telecommunications, POS (point of sale), collaboration/productivity tools for business-enhancing & cost-controlled IT Solutions.

Deliverables include:

  • Advisory, Consulting, Implementation Services
  • IT Project Plan
  • Additional Project Support Documentation
  • IT Infrastructure Runbook of the System

Pricing based on project scope. 25% deposit required.

Why use our IT Infrastructure Design, Implementation, Integration advisement services?

A successful implementation of IT Infrastructure starts with a great plan. Lack of a well-thought-out strategy can lead to frustration and excessive IT costs. No wonder there is typically an aversion to good investment in IT for your business. With IT, sometimes you just need good…other times better or best-in-class…but in all cases, let’s make sure you have a quality IT investment that both supports and enhances your business.

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