Happy World Backup Day!

World Backup Day is today…March 31st, 2019. While it tends to be a bit more consumer focused, the holiday’s objective is the same….to promote us to take action on a better backup strategy. 

Per NationalToday.com, some suggested activities include:

Copy your files to an external hard drive…

Where you set aside some time today to backup all existing files on your desktop, laptop or pc.

Play in the clouds…

Where you consider a cloud-based backup solution that specialize in storing your documents online and/or backing up local documents to the cloud.

Back that thing up party…

Where you promote your team to back up their files with one of the methods above. 

The GoodBetterBest Technologies takeaways...

Take inventory of your overall data landscape

I’d suggest taking inventory of your overall data landscape first to help drive a better decision towards the proper backup technology investment (local, cloud, or hybrid).

Since solutions can vary greatly, understanding the five W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) of your data will better advise your IT partner and/or backup service provider to help select an appropriate and scalable solution for your business.

Understand your minimum record-keeping requirements

Have a conversation with your HR, Accounting, and Legal teams (or representatives of those firms if you outsource these services).  A solid backup strategy involves key input from these business functions regarding your minimum record-keeping requirements. 

It may seem like a no-brainer for some, but all too often many in business see backups as solely an IT-thing. Remember, it’s ultimately a business-thing and just makes good business sense.

Take action now

Start devising a plan, contact your IT service provider, and work towards your backup goals. Remember, a good plan is better than no backup plan while a better or best backup plan is the goal.