Professional Services Rate Sheet

GoodBetterBest Technologies serves our clients with the utmost fairness and integrity. It is our goal to be a competitive service provider with fees that are commensurate with the practice of IT advisory and consulting. As such, fees may be waived or adjusted based on the circumstances of the service request. This rate sheet is provided as a general guideline of services and fees.

Network & Security Audits ($499 / engagement)

Network & Security assessments of your IT infrastructure to identify risks to your business. $499 per engagement. Deliverables include: Network Assessment Risk Report, Security Assessment Risk Report, Follow-up Report(s) Discussion

Technology Assessment & Documentation (starting at $999+)

Documentation of your IT Infrastructure to set a current state baseline and understand what you have in place.  Starting at $999+ depending on size of company, number of locations, etc. Deliverables include: Network & Security Risk Reports, IT SWOT Analysis Report, Additional Supporting Documentation, IT Infrastructure Runbook, Follow-up Report(s) Discussion

IT Infrastructure Design, Implementation, Integration (variable / 25% deposit required)

Advisory, consulting, and implementation for facilities, telecommunications, POS (point of sale), collaboration/productivity tools for business-enhancing & cost-controlled IT Solutions. Pricing based on project scope. 25% deposit required. Advisory, Consulting, Implementation Services, IT Project Plan, Additional Project Support Documentation, IT Infrastructure Runbook of the System

General Consulting Rate ($125 / hour)

Includes inspection, research, and in-person, email, or phone consultations. Also includes file setup, notation, and report writing time. Some research and administrative time may not be billed at the discretion of the consultant but may be noted on the invoice (at $0 / hour) or in the diary of events.

Travel Rate ($60 / hour)

Travel rate is based on seat or windshield time, beyond two hours from the home office (Milton, DE). For long distance travel, common carrier fares, and mileage expenses are additional and are billed as charged by the carrier or service provider (in the case of a rental vehicle). Some travel time may be noted or billed at $0 / hour at the discretion of the consultant depending on circumstances.

Per Diem ($100 / day when applicable)

In cases where overnight travel is required, a per diem will be billed at $100 / day.


All aspects of our client relationship are deemed confidential, and we will gladly provide or sign appropriate non-disclosure agreements (if desired).